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Rub-on Tape






Snap Kmife

Craft Knife

Knife with a straight blade for linear cuts usually used with a ruler or T-square.


Euro Trimmer

Personal paper trimmer

A cutter that has a safety blade designed to trim pictures and papers.

These can come with Scoring blade (or may be sold separately) (not shown).

Scoring blades create the crease for folding cards and other projects.

Tip:  Do not press hard when scoring or else you will cut the paper instead of scoring it.




Cutting tools used to create a variety of cutting patterns.

Scissors come in a great variety of styles for cutting straight, scalloped, zig-zag, and many more.

Link to Punches

Paper Punches

Paper punches have a specific shaped cutting head used to punch that specific shape by inserting the paper and pressing.

Tip:  For precision placement of the hole to be punched, use the cutter upside down.

 Self Healing Mats

Cutting surface that is great for crafts because it doesn't show wear even after many cuts.  For use with craft knives and some other cutters.