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 Rub-on Tape 101


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Rub-on Tape






Fancy Border Rubon Tape     Straight Stitch Rubon Tape


 1. Rub on tapes work best when applied to a project on a softer surface such as on top of a paper pad.
2. If your paper has any type of an oily residue from your hands, or other type of moisture, the tape will not adhere, and will skip on your paper.
3. Your adhesive type matters. Rub on tapes will not apply to any wet surface, if you are using a glue stick or other type of glue; make sure the glue is dry.
4. The rub on tapes work best when applied to a smooth surface.
5. Make sure to apply even pressure, and do not go too fast when adhering the rub on tapes. If you press too light, rub on tape will skip, but if you press too hard you could break the dispenser.
6. If you make a mistake using the rub on tape, simply use a white eraser to remove.
7. Always keep the cap on the dispenser at all times when not in use.

Get More From Your Rub On Tapes

Double Stitch:

Using your single stitch rub on tape, make it a double line stitch by running the tape runner over the line twice.

Zig-Zag Straight Stitch:

Apply your Zig-Zag Stitch first, and then apply your straight stitch over the bottom peak of the zig-zag stitch.

See it in Black & White:

Use both the black tape and white tape to layer over each pattern:

Double Duty:

Have fun with it, layer different designs over each other, make your photo border wider by laying each strip side by side.


Thank you Daisy D's for these great tips!

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